Enabling Life’s Journey

Enabling Life’s Journey

Automobility is on a mission to change people’s lives. Starting from humble beginnings in 2001, the company has grown to become an industry leader in Wheelchair Access Vehicle (WAV) conversions.

Working from a manufacturing facility in Montrose, Victoria, the Automobility team works with local suppliers and contractors to build wheelchair access vehicles for a wide array of private and commercial clients across the country.

Over the journey, Automobility has developed several unique wheelchair access conversions as well as a patented independent rear suspension for Kia Carnival conversions that ensures ride comfort, visibility for the wheelchair user and overall ease of use.

Automobility Director Jeff Watters says each solution is uniquely tailored to meet the user’s specific needs.

“As humans, we are all unique,” he says. “When tailoring a vehicle for a person’s specific needs, many challenges are presented to us that require lateral thinking to reach a safe, compliant and workable solution. We first interact with our prospective client to understand their needs to ensure that whatever we do will help them achieve their long-term needs of mobility and independence.”

“Able-bodied people take their ability to access the community for granted. Mobility impaired people can easily be prisoners of their own homes if they don’t have a mobility solution.”

CBC’s Bayswater branch has been supporting Automobility for many years through prompt services and ensuring availability of parts and products. CBC Account Manager David Mills says when considering potential candidates for the Australian Business Awards, Automobility was an obvious choice.

“They truly make a difference in people’s lives. So, we knew they would have a great chance at winning this award,” he says.

As a business, Automobility is committed to buying Australian-made products and working with local suppliers and contractors as far as possible. “Small businesses’ contribution to the community and economy is best described as a ‘pipeline’. When money is put into one end of that pipeline, it flows out the other. That is why we are committed to supporting our local pipeline by using local suppliers and contractors.”