CBC Group Engineering has developed a specialist two-part process-oriented program to identify potential areas of process improvement and to implement those changes. A program targeted toward the improvement in the reliability of production equipment and systems with an ultimate goal of improving plant up-time and productivity.





Changes to production demands, methods and techniques have brought changes to traditional asset management programs. Our focus remains on monitoring and 

maintaining production assets but now, through a holistic condition-based assessment program, includes process-wide operational systems and maximising availability.

Our program combines site surveys, component assessment and baseline testing, world-leading Symphony Azima AI data management technology and the extensive hands-on experience of a selected team of sixty application engineers and reliability engineers to extend the scope of conventional asset management programs.


The CBC condition-based assessment program utilises non-intrusive diagnostic monitoring tools to assess the condition of production assets, generate equipment-specific operational data, develop reference data bases and the platforms to analyse collected data. Analysing in line with FMEA guidelines enables the construction of comprehensive management programs designed to monitor performance, condition and potential maintenance or replacement requirements.

Engineering Audits


Site Surveys


Condition Monitoring


Predictive Maintenance

Return Part Analysis


Load Simulation & Finite Element Analysis


Fail Mode Effect Analysis




Expanding production targets are increasing operation demands on process equipment and components. Improving the quality, reliability and performance of process equipment and components will realise any higher targets.

The CBC Group Engineering Process Improvement program actively identifies areas of potential improvement within an organisation of process and initiates the steps required to implement any changes.

The program has been established to design, manufacture, supply, install and commission any mechanical, electrical, hydraulic or electronic components or equipment with the identified potential to improve plant reliability and capability.


As an integral operating division of The Inenco Group, CBC Group Engineering has access to more than 350,000 stocked component parts – including bearings, power transmission components, driveshafts, drives and motors – from the world’s leading manufacturers.


A digitally-linked national network of fully-equipped workshops and service centres provide equipment repairs, rebuilds, refurbishment and remanufacturing. Comprehensive rotable and service-exchange programs, administered and managed by the network, have been introduced and are integral to the process improvement program.

Design & Drafting


Product Application Engineering


Reverse Engineering


Installation & Commissioning

Corrective Services


Special Purpose Manufacture


Component Standardisation


Asset Care & Rotables