Supplier Profile   

Name: 3M 

Head office location: St Paul, Minnesota, United States of America 

Revenue: $32.184B USD   

Employees: 90,000+ 


CBC are proud to have an enduring partnership with 3M3M excel at combining science with innovation and they’re committed to providing great value for our Australian customers.  


3M is a world-class industrial manufacturer. They provide scientific solution products across multiple industries. These industries include automotive, construction, electronics, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. 3M are renowned for helping manufacturers save both time and resources, without compromising on quality. As a company with more than 90,000 employees working across the globe, 3M specialises in putting science into action.  


3M offer a huge variety of products, ranging from personal protective equipment, dental products, electrical solutions, and personal healthcare. But this barely scratches the surface of the diverse services they provide. 3M are always seeking to innovate, developing solutions to market niches before the rest of the world are even aware of their existence. We are incredibly proud to be working with a company who stays ahead of the game so seamlessly.  


These are the available 3M products we stock: 

    • structural adhesives 
    • flexible sealants and adhesives 
    • repair adhesives, fillers and patches 
    • cutting and grinding discs 
    • brushes, buffs and non-woven products 
    • sheets, rolls and purpose made belts 
    • eye protection 
    • hearing protection  
    • head, face and respiratory protection 
    • apparel and workwear 
  • fall protection tapes 
    • anti-slip and grip tapes 
    • barricade and warning 
    • cloth and duct 
    • electrical 
  • filtration 
    • water filtration filter cartridges  
    • media filtration components. 


3M virtually touches every part of your life
3M is a multi-national conglomerate who produces over 60,000 products under several brands. They possess multiple decades of knowledge and are continuously enhancing the efficiency of global industries. Through their extensive experience in science and innovation, 3M seek to make the impossible possible.  


CBC Australia and 3M – a unified team
We at CBC Australia share the same values as 3M. We are customer-focused, determined to deliver beyond what is expected, and we take pride in our high degree of integrity.  


As a result of our shared values, CBC Australia and 3M have a strong and committed partnership. We work well as a unified team. Together, CBC Australia and 3M deliver real-world solutions to our customers. We understand your business, operations, and processes, and we’re committed to providing stellar results. 


CBC Australia and 3M – serving you in the real world
CBC Australia and 3M representatives always seek to address real-world problems for our Australian customers, every day of the year. Our technical expertise and passion for solutions are second-to-none and we have an extremely high rate of customer retention. Our customers know they’re in safe hands when they purchase 3M products from us. 


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