Friction Locking Devices and Shrink Discs

Frictional locking devices are devices that perform the above functions using the coefficient of friction between the two contacting surfaces. A primary example occurs when inserting the locking device between the shaft and the hub of a system. The locking device then expands to fill the gap, holding the components in place by friction. Shrink Discs are flange-shaped, friction-locked shaft-hub connections and the more powerful and reliable alternative to conventional shrink fits, wedge, keyway or polygonal connections. In contrast to internal locking devices, e.g. locking assemblies, the pressure is applied from the outside to the hollow shaft or hub, thus creating an absolutely backlash-free, frictionally engaged connection between shaft and hub. The shrink disc is therefore not in the load path – instead, the torque is transmitted in a force-locking manner at the joining surface between shaft and hub without an intermediate element. At CBC, we stock a wide range of MAV friction locking devices and shrink discs for all your requirements. MAV shaft-hub connections come in self-centering, non-self-centering and self-locking types, and are available in standard and imperial sizes. MAV locking devices have the advantage of achieving an inference fit and simplified installation and removal. Visit one of our CBC branches today, to learn more about our friction locking devices and shrink discs.

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