Supplier Profile  

Name: Bonfiglioli

Head office location: Bologna, Italy  

Revenue: USD $817 million 

Employees: 3,700  


Bonfiglioli and CBC Australia have a long history of working together. With both companies having over 70 years of experience in the power transmission industry, you can trust their product knowledge and expertise.  


Bonfiglioli’s relentless commitment to excellence has ensured that it is an internationally recognised brand with an annual revenue of USD $817 million and over 3,700 employees worldwide. Bonfiglioli designs, produces and distributes a large range of gearmotors, drive systems, planetary gearboxes, and inverters for the industrial automation, mobile machinery and renewable energy sector. Bonfiglioli’s commitment to innovation and sustainability ensures that CBC customers can trust that they are purchasing a premium-quality product, that they can rely on.  


CBC Australia is one of the few Australian businesses to stock Bonfiglioli products, making them stand out from the crowd. Bonfiglioli products that are stocked in CBC Australia include: 

    • helical bevel A series gear units
    • helical bevel HDO gear units
    • helical bevel HDP gear units
    • helical bevel RAN ‘T’ gear units
    • helical C series gear units
    • helical F series shaft mounted gear units 
    • helical S series single stage gear units 
    • planetary 300 series gear units 
    • variable speed drive (VSD) units
    • worm VF series gear units 
    • worm W series gear units.


Bonfiglioli keeps the world in motion
Bonfiglioli has a long history in the industry with expert knowledge and world-class services in power transmission and drive solutions. Bonfiglioli searches for limits in the power transmission industry to innovate and expand the capabilities of its products ensuring unrivalled performance. CBC Australia trusts Bonfiglioli products to solve their customers’ problems.  


Bonfiglioli has a mission to distribute excellent, innovative and sustainable products globally, challenging the capabilities of the power transmission industry and enhancing product performance. Bonfiglioli serves more industries than any other drive manufacturer and is a market leader in multiple sectors, ensuring that CBC Australia customers can trust that they are purchasing premium-quality and reliable products.  


Bonfiglioli values innovation, respect, accountability, and teamwork, which are values that we at CBC Australia are glad to support.  


CBC Australia and Bonfiglioli – a superior team 
Both CBC Australia and Bonfiglioli are results-driven and high-performing businesses that value their customers and aim to innovate the power transmission industry.  


CBC Australia and Bonfiglioli enjoy solving everyday problems for their customers, whilst supporting their growth and maintaining their efficiency. Bonfiglioli and CBC Australia understand the importance of reliable and high-quality products to keep the world running and are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction is a priority.  


CBC Australia and Bonfiglioli – supporting you every day 
CBC Australia and Bonfiglioli products and knowledge can help solve all aspects of your daily life. With over 70 years of experience working in the industry and supplying premium-quality products to customers, our expertise is unparalleled. Our customers enjoy coming to us for help and love purchasing the trusted and reliable products from Bonfiglioli 


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