Corrosion Resistant Series

Across a wide range of industries, there are applications where additional corrosion resistance could benefit the equipment’s longevity. Where the equipment is working under harsh working conditions, or exposed to frequent wash-downs with water or chemicals, using corrosion resistant components help extend the equipment’s life and reduce maintenance. CBC is a specialist in corrosion resistant components. We stock Australia’s largest range of corrosion resistant series. From thermo plastic, stainless steel ball bearings and stainless steel rod ends and housing back seals, we have solutions for every application. Thermoplastic housings (white and blue) are specifically designed to meet engineering demands for food, beverage and chemical industries. Housings come complete with stainless steel insert bearing (including HACCP approved food grade grease). Stainless Steel Pillow Block housings are made from Austenitic Stainless Steel for the highest level of corrosion resistance. Get in touch with CBC staff today to discuss your requirements for corrosion resistant components.  

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