Split Roller Bearings

Split cylindrical or split spherical roller bearings are used where the replacement of conventional radial roller bearings would require the removal of couplings or gears, the dismounting of drives or the dismantling of shaft drivetrains. They are beneficial for inaccessible applications where mounting, dismounting and maintenance is a challenge, for example, between a head pulley and gearbox or motor. They are also highly suitable for long shafts which require support at several positions, or on cranked shafts. Split roller bearings can therefore be the ideal solution to reduce machinery maintenance and repair downtime. They are typically mounted in a cartridge that fits into different kinds of housings, building a complete unit. They can be disassembled into smaller components, easing the tasks of lifting and handling and making mounting or replacement simple even in the most cramped and inaccessible conditions. Clearances are pre-set, so there is no requirement for any on-site adjustments or specialised fitting tools. At CBC, we have access to Australia’s largest range of split roller bearings to help maximise your uptime. Avoid incurring excessive machinery or plant downtime and avoid unnecessary maintenance costs – CBC is your partner in productivity. Cooper split cylindrical roller bearings are available with a variety of housings to suit pedestal and flange mountings, while FAG split spherical roller bearings can be easily retrofitted to suit your application. We also stock NTN split roller bearings to meet all your requirements. Give us a call to find out more.

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