ITW Polymers and Fluids

Supplier Profile 

Name: ITW Polymers and Fluids

Head office location: Wetherill Park, New South Wales, Australia 

Revenue: US $28 billion 

Employees: 60,000 


CBC Australia has been a partner of ITW Polymers and Fluids for 15 years and we continue to work together to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products. CBC Australia is proud to be a partner of a globally trusted brand.  


With over 100 years of experience, ITW Polymers and Fluids are renowned for their high-quality products. These products continue to be widely used in the industrial, consumer, mining, and construction industries. ITW Polymers and Fluids manufacture their products in a Sydney-based factory. They are committed to innovation, using the newest technology and equipment throughout the manufacturing process. Today, ITW Polymers and Fluids is a Fortune 200 global industrial manufacturer. They have operations spread across the globe in 58 different countries and their team is comprised of approximately 60,000 employees. 


ITW Polymers and Fluids manufacture a range of trusted brands and products. These include Galmet metal protection coatings, Devcon MRO epoxies and urethanes, Rocol industrial lubricants, Molybond mining lubricants, and Epirez flooring and concrete repair systems. CBC Australia distributes an extensive range of ITW products. Our customers can find these products in our local warehouses and Australian branches. If certain products are not stocked locally, CBC Australia is able to efficiently source them from interstate or overseas.  


We have a wide selection of ITW Polymers and Fluids products in stock, including: 

  • scrubs 
  • Septone 
  • Tectaloy 


ITW Polymers and Fluids is leading the world as manufacturers
Here at CBC Australia, we’re proud of our commitment to high-quality products. This is why we partner with industry leaders such as ITW Polymers and Fluids. Our customers know they’re safe hands when they choose ITW Polymers and Fluids. All of their products are high-quality, robust and reliable.  


Today, ITW Polymers and Fluids is a globally trusted manufacturing company that specialises in consumable products. These products are primarily used in the industrial, consumer, mining, automotive, and construction markets. The team at ITW Polymers and Fluids seek to continually improve their processes and products because they want Australian professionals to be ahead of the game.  


ITW Polymers and Fluids’ Quality Assurance System ensures that their products meet the highest quality standards. In addition to this, ITW Polymers and Fluids has also obtained internationally recognised certifications for their products, such as potable water approvals and marine type approval.  


CBC Australia and ITW Polymers and Fluids – people are power
At CBC Australia, we always put people first. Like us, ITW Polymers and Fluids value their customers and employees. We’re proud to support a company that cares about its entire team and customer satisfaction. The employees at ITW Polymers and Fluids are highly talented and experienced, always focused on developing new products and providing customer-driven solutions. As well as this, ITW Polymers and Fluids adhere to the highest ethical standards to ensure customer trust and satisfaction.  


CBC Australia and ITW Polymers and Fluids – building a better tomorrow
ITW Polymers and Fluids takes corporate responsibility seriously and is committed to sustainable practices. They comply with all relevant environmental regulations and have also implemented responsible environmental management, even in areas where laws do not exist. This commitment to building a better tomorrow is shared by CBC Australia. 


Our customers love dealing with us, and they love purchasing ITW Polymers and Fluids products from us. Contact us today for all your ITW Polymers and Fluids product needs.  

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