CBC is committed to workplace safety and has specialist that focus on the manufacture, supply, inspection and testing of lifting equipment. Moving heavy loads is hazardous and when lifting equipment is not used correctly or is poorly maintained, it can result in accidents and serious injury. CBC is proudly NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities Australia) accredited and our laboratory is operated by trained technicians that offer replacement/ repair advice, inspections and testing of lifting equipment.

Before using manual hoists, always remember to:


  • Read the owner’s manual and familiarise yourself with the safety instructions.
  • Never lift more than the capacity shown on the hoist name plate if the plate is missing, DO NOT use the hoist.
  • Never operate a hoist if damaged or malfunctioning.
  • Check that the hook latches work properly and replace missing or broken hook latches.
  • Check if load chain is twisted, kinked, damaged or stretched.
  • Check if hook is modified or deformed.
  • Never use a hoist in an explosive atmosphere.


While in operation:

  • Never use a hoist for lifting, supporting or transporting people.
  • Never lift or transport loads over or near people.
  • Never support a load on the tip of the hook.
  • Always ensure that the load is properly seated in the hook.
  • Never use the hoist load chain as a sling.
  • Never swing a suspended load.

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