Face Masks

CBC stock a range of ENPAC face masks to help keep you safe. All our masks come in adult sizes and are designed for single use only. Our high-quality type II rated 3-ply civilian face mask has an adjustable nosepiece for a comfortable fit. This disposable face mask comes in packs of 50, contains a blue outer layer, Filtrate Component Meltblown white filtrate paper 22-gsm, and a 100% white S8PP-23gsm inner layer. These face masks have a bacterial filtration efficiency of >98% and complete industry certification and testing data to back them. Our P2 KN95 flat fold non-woven face mask comes in packs of 20 and 50. This flat fold non-woven face mask is a disposable mask suitable for reducing potential transmission from very fine particles, including possible inhalation of airborne contaminants such as infected droplets triggered from coughs and sneezes. These masks have been tested to ≥95% bacterial filtration efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our range of face masks.

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