The power transmissions we specialise in are often used in mechanical systems requiring moving parts, rather than systems that need to be powered electrically. Products include belts and sheaves, chains and sprockets, shaft couplings and drive components. 


Belts, including synchronous drive and v-belts can be used in many applications and work in combination with sheaves and pulleys. The purpose of the belts is to minimise the incidence of slippage. To maximise power transmission efficiency for machinery operation, using a v-pulley with the correct v-belt is optimal. Belts and pulleys are commonly used in manufacturing, agricultural and HVAC industries. 


Shaft couplings are available in two types: flexible shaft couplings and rigid shaft couplings. They are used to join two shafts together. Rigid shaft couplings are best for applications where the shafts are positioned in a precise lateral and angular alignment. If the shafts are slightly misaligned, then it is best to use flexible shaft couplings. Drive components include breaks, clutches, gears, and variable speed motor drives. 

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