Anaerobic adhesives are one-part adhesives that cure only in absence of air. Anther terms for anaerobic adhesives is locking compounds, because they are often used to lock and seal threaded joints, seal flange faces and secure loose mechanical joints. Threaded assemblies tend to loosen under vibration, expansion and excessive torque. Using anaerobic thread lockers prevents vibration and seals the joint against fluids and corrosion. CBC is a key distributor of Loctite anaerobic adhesive products in Australia, offering the complete range of Loctite thread lockers, thread sealers, gasket sealants and retaining compounds. Whether you are looking for fast cure anaerobic sealants, food-grade thread lockers, nut and screw locks, high-temperature or high-strength thread lockers, you can find the right solution at CBC. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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