Titan Lifting Technologies

Supplier Profile 

Name:  Titan Lifting Technologies

Head office location: Bundoora, Victoria, Australia 

Employees: 13  

CBC Australia are proud to be working with Titan Lifting Technologies for the past several years. Together, our companies have delivered high-quality lifting equipment that has kept our customers safe and helped them excel at their jobs.  


Titan Lifting Technologies is an Australian based company that supplies superior hoisting and lifting equipment to customers around the world. With over 45 years of experience designing and developing superior lifting equipment, the team at Titan Lifting Technologies are experts at dealing with all sorts of lifting operations. Allan Marketing Group markets their products under the brand name of Titan Lifting Technologies 


CBC Australia is committed to the safety and satisfaction of our customers and we are confident that Titan Lifting Technologies will enable us to achieve this. Quality and safety are assured with Titan Lifting Technologies, as all their equipment is rigorously tested at their factory and Australian facilities to ensure that their products not only meet the required standards, but also Titan’s own standard of excellence. 


At CBC Australia, we can provide you with the best Titan tools for all your lifting and hoisting needs. We stock a wide variety of Titan products including:  

    • lever and chain blocks 
    • mechanical and powered hoists 
    • sheave and snatch blocks 
    • lifting and rigging attachments and accessories 
    • magnetic lifters 
    • rated chains for lifting, transport, trailer safety, and various other industries 
    • un-rated chains for general use  
    • wire rope and accessories  
  • shackles.

Titan Lifting Technologies will keep you safe 
The safety of our customers is our top priority at CBC Australia, which makes Titan Lifting Technologies the perfect supplier of lifting and hoisting equipment. Titan has conducted over 100,000 hours of rigorous testing on their equipment to ensure that their supplies exceed industry standards and are faultless before being distributed to the public. More than 600,000 Titan hoists have been sold successfully, demonstrating the company’s reliability and quality when it comes to their products.  


CBC Australia and Titan Lifting Technologies – better together 
CBC Australia and Titan Lifting technologies share similar values and goals when it comes to our products. We both believe that only the best will do for our valued customers, which is why we choose Titan for high-quality lifting equipment.  


CBC Australia and Titan Lifting Technologies – going above and beyond 
At CBC Australia, our customers can rely on us. We are committed to your vision and your needs. In addition to employing qualified representatives, technicians and specialists to do the job right, CBC Australia understands that quality equipment is fundamental to serving our customers. We want to work with suppliers that also go above and beyond for their customers and that is why we recommend Titan Lifting TechnologiesTitan cares about their customers. They not only provide expert consultations about their equipment, but also go the extra mile to provide exceptional aftersales support. 


If you are after safe lifting equipment, then look no further. Contact us today for an extensive range of Titan products.  

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