Supplier Profile  

Name: NTN

Head office location: Osaka, Japan 

Employees:  24,900 


NTN and CBC Australia have a strong and enduring partnership. Our two companies have been working closely together since the late 1960s when NTN, a Japanese manufacturer, started to look to Australian shores. Since then, the relationship forged between NTN and CBC has led to the long-term project of establishing a 50/50 joint venture company in Australia. 


NTN is a leading manufacturer of precision mechanical parts and components. Today, NTN is one of the largest exporters of friction-reducing products world-wide, offering a comprehensive range of bearingsdriveshaftsconstant velocity joints, and other precision industrial and automotive equipment. NTN is recognised as a global leader in the international bearing market and possesses the largest market share of hub bearings and the second largest of driveshafts. 


We are proud to have such a close partnership with NTN and are confident in their precision technology and quality products. Our stocked and available NTN products include: 

  • other precision products 


NTN makes the world smooth 
Possessing more than a century of experience, NTN’s central motto is “to make the world smooth”. This is a fitting tagline as NTN are renowned for their production of anti-friction bearings, which are made smoother than the surface of a mirror. 


In Australia, NTN’s quality products are used for a range of demanding applications. These include functioning in a jet engine at 200°C, high speed revolutions of 10,000 RPM and high-speed railcar running of 300 km/h. 


NTN also supplies bearings for industry giants such as Komatsu, Caterpillar, Hitachi, and John Deere. Their products can be found in cranes, hydraulic excavators, asphalt pavers, motor-graders, wheel loaders, and off-highway trucks. In recent decades, NTN has also made advances in the renewable energy sector. NTN combines newly acquired Blades technology with traditional NTN bearing technology to develop compact wind turbines and micro hydroelectric turbines.  


CBC Australia and NTN – committed to solutions
NTN and CBC Australia share an enduring commitment to providing the very best in customer service. Our close relationship allows CBC to have access to all levels and aspects of the NTN global network. This allows us to shorten the lead time process, from conception to delivery, for NTN products. We are also able to quickly update our existing stock of products because we have a large network of branches and sales engineers in Australia. 


Our customers can be confident in the close teamwork between CBC Australia and NTN. Together, we continuously seek to improve our manufacturing processes and address any relevant needs you may have. We understand your business, operations and processes, and we are committed to delivering excellent results. 


CBC Australia and NTN – serving you in the real world
CBC Australia and NTN are addressing real-world problems for Australian customers every day of the year. Here, at CBC, we are proud to support NTN’s overarching mission to increase efficiency in operation through innovative technologies. Both CBC and NTN’s technical expertise and passion for solutions are unmatched and we also share an extremely high rate of customer retention. Our customers love dealing with us and buying NTN products. 


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