Bearings allow moving parts to run smoother as they reduce the friction between two objects. There are two main categories that bearings fall into: radial bearings and thrust bearings. Radial bearings are designed to support forces perpendicular to the direction of the shaft, or radial loads. Thrust bearings are designed to support forces parallel to the direction of the shaft, or axial load. CBC has a wide range of bearings to choose from and the appropriate type of bearing will depend upon the application in which it will be used.



The most common types of bearings include ball bearings, roller bearings and split bearings which are available in mounted, unmounted and flanged designs. Ball bearings are the most widely used type of bearing and are used where support is required for smaller loads. Roller bearings are more commonly used to support heavier loads and can be either tapered, cylindrical or spherical in design. Split bearings are ideal for quick installations in tight areas which are not easily accessible. 

When making your selection, remember to always consider the forces being applied to the bearing, outer diameter and the shaft diameter that the bearing will fit.

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