Supplier Profile   

Name: Australian Timken Pty Ltd

Head office location: North Canton, Ohio, United States  

Revenue: Over USD $3.5 billion  

Employees: Over 17,000  

CBC Australia and Timken Australia have had a long and productive working relationship. This relationship has existed for well over 50 years and is even stronger today. 


Timken is a global business with revenues more than USD $3.5 billion. The world-wide scale and reach of the Timken business means more than 17,000 Timken employees are spread across the globe. Timken continues to diversify from its traditional products into a more distinct range of products, which puts them in a great position to offer CBC Australia customers excellent uptime and reliability solutions.  


CBC Australia distributes a wide variety of Timken products across a number of different brands and product categories. These products are stocked in warehouses locally and are available at 31 CBC branches across Australia. Where stock is not available locally, it can be sourced from interstate or from overseas. This stocking profile sets CBC Australia apart from the competition. No other bearing or power transmission business in the country has such a wide range of products in stock, when needed. You can trust CBC Australia to assist your business with all the correct Timken products.  


Our stocked and available Timken products include:  

    • bearing inserts  
    • housed units  
    • hygienic housed units    
    • diamond agricultural chain   
    • diamond attachment chains  
    • diamond bs premium chain  
    • diamond chains  
    • diamond corrosion resistant chain  
    • diamond extended pitch chain  
    • diamond high strength ansi chain  
    • diamond hollow pin chain   
    • diamond oring chain  
    • diamond pin oven chain   
    • diamond sapphire chain 
    • AGRI Belts – Agricultural Belts 
    • air cool heat exchange belt  
    • air cool heat exchange sleeves  
    • Aramax® Wedge-Band®  
    • Aramax® xtra duty  
    • banded belts  
    • Cog-Belt®  
    • Cotton Drive®  
    • double angle v-belt  
    • dry can specialty belt  
    • dual synchronous  
    • dual synchronous sleeves  
    • Durapower®II FHP belt  
    • Gold-Ribbon® Cog-Band®  
    • Gold-Ribbon® Cog-Belt®  
    • heavy duty V-belts  
    • light-duty belts  
    • Metric Power-Wedge®  
    • Panther®   
    • Panther® sleeves  
    • Panther®XT  
    • Power-Wedge® Cog-Band®  
    • Power-Wedge® Cog-Belt®  
    • round belt  
    • specialty belts 
    • Super Blue Ribbon®  
    • Super II® v-belt   
    • Super Power-Wedge® 
    • Super Vee-Band® 
    • Synchro-Cog® HT sleeves 
    • Synchro-Cog® HT  
    • Synchro-Cog® timing belt sleeves  
    • Synchro-Cog® timing belt 
    • synchronous belts   
    • Thoro-Twist™ belting  
    • Variable Speed Cog-Belt® 
    • Vee-Rib™ belt  
    • Vee-Rib™ sleeve  
    • Wedge-Band®  
    • Wedge-Band® chipper drive 


Timken keeps the world in motion  

The Timken Company is a global industrial products business with a huge range of engineered bearings and power transmission products available for purchase from CBC branches or on our website. Timken has over a century of knowledge and innovation, and they continuously improve the reliability and efficiency of global industries.  


Timken’s mission is to use their knowledge to make the world’s industries work better and their vision is to be the global leader in bearings and mechanical power transmission, continually improving performance, reliability and efficiency.  


Timken’s values are ethics and integrity, quality, teamwork, and excellence. These are all values that we, at CBC Australia, are extremely pleased to support.  


CBC Australia and Timken – a perfect fit  

The vision and mission of both Timken and CBC Australia are closely aligned. Both are customer-focused, results-driven businesses with an extremely high degree of integrity.   


CBC Australia and Timken work well as a unified team, providing solutions to customers in the real world. We understand your business, operations and processes, and are committed to delivering excellent results.  


CBC Australia and Timken – with you in the real world  

CBC Australia and Timken representatives are addressing real-world problems for Australian customers every day of the year. Our technical expertise and passion for solutions are second-to-none and we have an extremely high rate of customer retention. Our customers love dealing with us, and they love buying Timken products from us.  


Contact us for all your Timken product needs. We are ready and able to fulfil all requests for Timken-branded products. 

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