At CBC, our specialist services and technical expertise are what set us apart from the pack. We understand the plant uptime is a critical part of every operation, our team of qualified specialist engineers and service providers are dedicated to assist with all your engineering requirements.


Alignment of Shafts, Pulleys, & Drives 


Condition Monitoring


Reliability Program Management


Vibration Monitoring and Analysis

Drive Design


Pump Overhaul


Thermal Imaging

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  • Bearing arrangement design
  • Bearing installation – supervision and assistance
  • Bearing refurbishment
    • Leveller bearing refurbishment including profile grinding bearing surface
    • Cleaning, inspection, measurement, protection, packaging, labelling, condition report
    • Heavy duty conveyor roll bearings
  • Bearing re-lubrication
    • Washing and repacking with specialist lubricants
  • Assembly of special bearing units using induction heater and/or hydraulic press
  • Slew ring inspection
  • Energy consumption and efficiency assessments
  • Engineering drawings
  • Re-design and standardisation
  • Reliability program management
  • Condition monitoring
  • Condition management
  • Online monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring and analysis
  • Ultrasonic noise detection
  • Ultrasonic bearing fault detection
  • Ultrasonic leak detection
  • Infrared thermography
  • Electrical condition monitoring
  • Belt alignment
  • Bolt tensioning
  • Commissioning of rotating and static equipment
  • Design, repair and maintenance of mechanical seals
  • Design, repair and maintenance of gland packing
  • Drive design
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Faults and failure diagnosis
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Gearbox management, maintenance and overhaul
  • Hydraulic hose maintenance
  • Hydraulic nuts for oil injection and oil injection equipment
  • Installation of mechanical equipment
  • Machinery inspection
  • Machine balancing
  • Motor current analysis
  • Pump overhaul
  • Laser shaft alignment
  • Pulley balancing
  • Lubrication and oil sampling service and analysis
  • Lubricant and wear particle management
  • Recondition in-line bearing housings
  • Manufacture TRB TDO/TDI spacer assemblies
  • Protection of equipment during long term storage 



Identifying components of equipment and ensuring they are available when necessary is a critical part of plant uptime.


CBC Australia’s complete surveys of plant and equipment provide our customers with a document which is a comprehensive dossier of a site’s major mechanical componentry in application order, cross-references OEM part numbers to CBC part numbers and lists a full range of spare parts for that componentry.


To find out more, and how we can better service your needs, please contact us