Pullers and Demounting Tools

Pullers and demounting tools, as the name implies, are tools that help extract objects from their position. Pullers are typically used to remove parts such as bearings, pulleys or gears from a shaft. Some pullers are equipped with legs that circle around the part, while a forcing screw is used against the shaft to facilitate the extraction. These tools minimise the effort required by the user and help simplify the task. CBC is Australia’s largest supplier of pullers and demounting tools, working with leading suppliers at Bega Tools, SP Tools and Toldeo to provide a complete range of pulling devices. At CBC stores, you can find anything from slide hammers, longjaw pullers, mechanical adjustable pullers, hydraulic gear pullers, telescopic magnetic pick up tools, oil seal removers, and more. If you need any puller or extractor, you just need to visit a CBC store or contact us. 

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