Silicone Sealants & Encapsulants

Silicone sealants are used for a wide range of applications, from sealing window frames to protecting automobiles and appliances against harsh weather conditions. Silicone encapsulants are used extensively for encapsulating electronic components to offer protection against mechanical shock, temperature shock, vibration and more. CBC offers a wide range of high-performance silicone sealants and silicone encapsulants from leading global suppliers such as Dow (Dowsil, Silastic and Sylgard), Dow Corning, Loctite, Permatex, CRC and more. Whether you are looking for multipurpose silicone sealants, building sealants, jointing paste, fast cure sealants, conformal coatings, or silicone elastomer kits, CBC has it in stock. Contact us today to learn more.

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