Supplier Profile  

Name: Fanmaster

Head office location: Kirrawee, NSW, Australia 

Revenue: $4 to 5 million 

Employees: 8 


CBC Australia have enjoyed a productive partnership with Fanmaster for over 10 years. We are looking forward to many more prosperous ventures with Fanmaster in the years ahead.  


Fanmaster is a cooling, heating and ventilation company, with one of the greatest longevities in Australia. They are an importer and manufacturer of high-quality fans, cooling, heating, and ventilation equipment. Fanmaster provides solutions for warehouses, factories, commercial, and industrial sites. Their products are designed for flexibility so they can service any building or environment.  


Possessing an unflinching customer focus, Fanmaster have a very accessible warranty, claims and returns feedback loop. We value their commitment to transparency and integrity.   


Fanmaster tests their products for durability under extreme pressure so quality is a 100% guarantee with Fanmaster. We are extremely proud to supply products from a company who always strives for optimum results.  


Our stocked and available Fanmaster products include: 

  • Cooling 
    • extraction units  
    • portable and fixed warehouse and workshop fans 
  • Heating 
    •  electrical and fuel powered heating units  
    •  portable and fixed heating units  
  • Ventilation 
    • wall panel exhaust fans 
    • roof mounted extraction units.  


Fanmaster keeps the world in circulation
Fanmaster has the largest range of industrial pedestal and wall fans of any Australian outlet. Their range encompasses fans which are 450mm to 850mm. Fanmaster also specially designs misting fans which are portable and well-mounted.  


Fanmaster has established a strong brand through their content creation. They produce written content, educating people on the health and safety of venue ventilation, empowering customers to make informed decisions.  


CBC Australia and Fanmaster – a perfect fit
CBC Australia and Fanmaster are aligned in their mission to provide high-quality products and services to Australian customers. We are both customer-focused and are always striving to exceed consumer expectations.  


CBC Australia and Fanmaster are a unified team, providing solutions to customers in the real world. We understand your business, operations, and processes, and are committed to delivering excellent results. 


CBC Australia and Fanmaster – serving you in the real world
CBC Australia and Fanmaster representatives address real-world problems for Australian customers every day of the year. We thrive on leveraging our technical expertise in creating effective solutions. Our extremely high rate of customer retention is a testament to our commitment to excellence.  


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