Supplier Profile  

Name: Loctite

Head office location: Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany  

Revenue: Over USD $23 billion 

Employees: Over 52,650 

Loctite and CBC Australia have maintained a strong relationship for over 40 years. They remain committed to supplying customers with the best products available, uniting them through one passionate goal.   


Loctite is the global supplier of adhesive technologies and is renowned for its reliable and premium products. With annual revenue of over USD $23 billion and 52,650 global employees, Loctite is a brand that CBC customers can trust. Loctite is the leader in adhesives, sealants, and functional coating, and a wide range of their products are stocked at CBC Australia.  


Loctite’s adhesive technologies business encompasses four key markets: the automotive and metals industry, the packaging and consumer goods industry, the electronics and industrials, and the craftsmen, construction, and professional industry. The company actively collaborates with customers on innovative and sustainable projects, making them a company that CBC Australia is proud to support.   


CBC Australia distributes a variety of Loctite products across several different categories and brands, such as Loctite and Teroson. CBC Australia are committed to ensuring customers can readily purchase Loctite products from their local branch or online store and have the unique capability to locate products from other locations. CBC Australia is committed to helping customers find the perfect products to solve their problems and trusts Loctite to achieve this.   


Our stocked and available Loctite products include:   

  • degreasers and cleaners 
  • epoxy repair and rebuild products 
  • instant adhesives 
  • structural.  


Loctite leading the world forward  
Loctite is the leading supplier of adhesive technologies, with a huge range stocked at CBC Australia branches and our online store. Founded in 1876, Loctite has over a century of knowledge and experience and is committed to providing game-changing solutions to customers in a wide range of industries.   


Loctite’s mission to provide premium-quality products that aim to improve productivity and reliability, is shared by CBC Australia. Loctite’s vision to remain the leader in adhesive technologies, through continuous advances and innovations in their products, ensures CBC Australia customers can trust that they are purchasing high-quality products.   


CBC Australia is aligned with and proud to support, Loctite’s values of innovation, integrity, respect, sustainability, and reliability. 


CBC Australia and Loctite – a premium partnership   
The vision and mission to which Loctite is committed to, is one that is shared by CBC Australia. Both businesses enjoy collaborating with customers to ensure all needs are met and solutions are results driven.   


CBC Australia and Loctite value their relationship operating with a high degree of productivity and trust, ensuring customers’ problems are solved efficiently. Loctite and CBC Australia understand your business and unique needs and are passionate about ensuring your problems are solved utilising the best possible solution.   


CBC Australia and Loctite – leaders in helping you  
CBC Australia and Loctite representatives are experts in understanding and addressing real-world problems every day. Both companies are customer-focused and are passionate about solving your business’ problems daily. Customers continue to re-visit CBC branches for help and love purchasing reliable and premium-quality products from Loctite 


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