CBC Australia and Alemlube are proud to be Australian companies. We have been partners for 17 years and continue to work together to ensure our customers receive the highest quality products.


Alemlube is a 100 percent Australian-owned company that specialises in lubrication systems. Founded in 1970, for over half a century Alemlube has been committed to making a customer-focused contribution to Australian industries. Currently, Alemlube partners with many of the world’s leading brands and manufacturers. These partnerships ensure that Alemlube is a leader in the field of lubrication. Alemlube is focused on providing the best lubrication and refuelling equipment, spill containment products, hose storage and retrieval solutions, vehicle hoists, and wheel servicing equipment. 


CBC offers a wide range of Alemlube products. Alemlube’s commitment to being an industry leader ensures that our customers know they are buying the very best when they purchase an Alemlube product. An extensive selection of Alemlube’s products can be purchased from CBC Australia’s branches. 


CBC Australia’s extensive range of Alemlube products includes: 


Alemlube – keeping plant operations slick 
In an industrial plant, the most widespread cause of bearing failure is inadequate lubrication. As such, a key aspect of CBC and Alemlube’s partnership is centred around keeping plant operations running smoothly. CBC works with Alemlube to ensure that our customers can purchase an extensive selection of single and multi-point lubrications, suited to a range of industries. For example, Alemlube’s ‘Pulsarlube’ and new ALS series of multipoint lubricators are specially designed to apply lubrication outdoors, as well as in places that are difficult to access. The ‘Pulsarlube’ series of lubricators also allows our customers to save both time and money. 


CBC and Alemlube – an Australian team
CBC’s partnership with Alemlube extends beyond supplying off-the-shelf solutions. CBC and Alemlube work together to offer an extensive range of custom-designed solutions. We know that the most important priority for our customers is having access to an extensive range of available stock and reliable lubrication systems that can be tailored to meet their specific requirements. An example of one of CBC and Alemlube’s customised options is the addition of warning lights or buzzers that can alert maintenance crews to when the grease pouch needs to be replenished.


CBC and Alemlube – a proud partnership 
Alemlube is a brand that CBC is proud to distribute because we know that our core values align. Like CBC, Alemlube’s ethos is grounded in being an innovative industry leader. Together, our combined technical expertise ensures that our products are both reliable and robust. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Through CBC’s strong relationship with partners like Alemlube, we know that we will always be able to come up with the right answer to suit your specific needs.

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