Supplier Profile  

Name: NSK Australia

Head office location: Dandenong South, VIC, Australia 

Revenue: $11.5 billion 

Employees: 31400  


CBC Australia and NSK Australia have engaged in a productive partnership for over 30 years. Both impelled by a desire for excellence, our relationship only strengthens with time.  


NSK Australia specialises in producing bearings, precision machinery, automotive and mechatronics. They are renowned for deploying engineering solutions essential for mobility and industrial applications. Their products are designed to enhance automotive performance and industrial productivity, while reducing energy consumption. In their manufacturing, NSK Australia are concerned with controlling friction and reducing energy loss in mechanical devices so they are as close to zero as possible.  


NSK Australia distribute products across multiple industries including agriculture, automotive, food processing, mining and construction, office equipment, and wind turbines.  


NSK Australia contribute to the health and safety of end users by ensuring all products generate low emissions of noise, vibrations, and dust. They prioritise listening to customer feedback to continuously elevate their organisation to new heights. NSK’s commitment to customer satisfaction, and occupational health and safety make us extremely proud to supply their top-of-the-line products.   


Our stocked and available NSK Australia products include: 

    • air conditioner bearings 
    • clutch bearings 
    • hub bearings 
    • wheel bearings 
    • spindle bearings.  


NSK Australia are working to create a greener future
NSK Australia are committed to protecting the natural environment through conserving energy and resources in their own manufacturing and distribution. They are also passionate about establishing a recycling orientated society and avoid using environmentally harmful substances in their products and manufacturing. NSK Australia always listen to consumer demands, working to uphold an organisation which mirrors consumer values of ecological sustainability.  


CBC Australia and NSK Australia – putting customers first
CBC and NSK are aligned in our commitment to putting customers first. We are both passionate about delivering world-class products to Australia, ensuring they are safe and effective to use. Both valuing the strengthening of relationships, we can only foresee positive trajectories from our partnership with NSK Australia.  


CBC Australia and NSK Australia – serving you in the real world
CBC and NSK Australian representatives are addressing real-world problems for Australian customers every day. We have an unflinching focus on technical expertise and have an extremely high rate of customer retention. Our customers love dealing with us and buying NSK products from us. 


Contact us for all your NSK Australia needs. We are excited to fulfil all requests for NSK-branded products. 

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