Mackay Consolidated Industries

Supplier Profile  

Name: Mackay Consolidated Industries 

Head office location: Dandenong South, Victoria, Australia 

Employees: 74 


Mackay Consolidated Industries and CBC Australia have had an enduring relationship for over 25 years. With both businesses established in Australia, Mackay Consolidated Industries and CBC Australia have an advanced understanding of what customers need.  


Mackay Consolidated Industries is a 100 percent Australian-owned private company, that has risen to become a significant manufacturer and distributor of a diverse range of engineered rubber and rubber composite products. Mackay Consolidated Industries has grown from a small, but productive, business to a premium manufacturer and distributor of power transmission accessories.  


Mackay Consolidated Industries products service a range of industries such as the automotive, defence, transport, rail, marine, mining, construction, and industrial markets, ensuring that they have the products that CBC Australia customers need.   


CBC Australia recognises your business’s needs for Mackay Consolidated Industries products and therefore stocks a wide variety in their warehouses, local branches and online store. CBC Australia customers can always rely upon CBC to provide them with the correct Mackay Consolidated Industries products to help solve their problems. 


Our stocked and available Mackay Consolidated Industries products include:  


Mackay Consolidated Industries – engineered to keep the world operating   

Mackay Consolidated Industries is an Australian business that specialises in automotive parts, that are reliable, cost-effective and high-performing, and are available for purchase from CBC Australia. Mackay Consolidated Industries has almost a century of knowledge and experience, as they continue to expand and innovate the power transmission industry.   


Mackay Consolidated Industries’ mission is to manufacture world-class products whilst maintaining high production standards. They have impressive in-house manufacturing capabilities. From concept to completion, they ensure reliable and high-quality products, which we at CBC Australia trust.   


Mackay Consolidated Industries values a forward-thinking mindset reflected through its commitment to innovation, integrity, quality production, and respect. We at CBC Australia are supportive and proud to stock Mackay Consolidated Industries in stores and online.   


CBC Australia and Mackay Consolidated Industries – forward thinking 
CBC Australia supports and aligns with Mackay Consolidated Industries’ vision and mission. Both are performance-driven and value high-quality products that are reliable and cost-effective.   


CBC Australia and Mackay Consolidated Industries integrated aims of ensuring customer problems are solved through premium products, is the foundation for their working relationship. We understand you and your business’s needs and are passionate about solving your problems.   


CBC Australia and Mackay Consolidated Industries – supporting your performance   

CBC Australia and Mackay Consolidated Industries enjoy addressing real-world problems that help maintain customers’ performance and productivity. Our expert knowledge and understanding of our products ensure that we can help customers find the correct equipment, every time. Our customer-focused practices and passion for delivering solutions means that customers return to purchase the reliable and high-quality products of Mackay Consolidated Industries.   


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