An open belt drive is used when sense of rotation of both the pulleys is same. It is desirable to keep the tight side of the belt on the lower side and slack side at the top to increase the angle of contact on the pulleys. CBC is Australia’s biggest and best distributor of power transmission products including the assembly of drives. We stock Australia’s largest range of drives from world-leading suppliers such as ABB/Dodge, NORD, TECO, Bonfiglioli, Rossi, WEG, Sumitomo, Radicon and Falk. Whether you need AC single phase or three phase motor drives; helical, bevel helical, worm, planetary or DC motor drives… we’ve got it. We also stock shaft mount drives, inverters and controllers, worm-geared motor drives, worm-gears, a wide range of gearing components and so much more. Contact us today to receive specialised engineering services and products for your drive systems.

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