Welding Industries of Australia

Supplier Profile  

Name: Welding Industries of Australia 

Head office location: Melrose Park, South Australia, Australia  

Revenue: USD $6 million 

Employees: 30  


Welding Industries of Australia and CBC Australia are aligned in their goals to distribute leading power transmission products. Both businesses continue to work not only with each other but also with their customers, cementing their strong business relationship. 


Welding Industries of Australia manufactures premium-quality welding solutions across Australia. With an annual revenue of USD $6 million, Welding Industries of Australia is a brand trusted by the best.  


Welding Industries of Australia manufactures a wide range of precision products that are developed and supported by an expert team. Servicing a range of industries including engineering, mining, oil, and gas markets, they are a diverse and innovative business. With over 50 years of knowledge and experience, CBC Australia trusts Welding Industries of Australia to supply their customers with reliable and safe products.  


Welding Industries of Australia has a vast range of products that we, at CBC Australia, are proud to stock. In the rare chance that stock is unavailable, CBC Australia can source the required stock from interstate or overseas. CBC Australia puts the customer at the forefront of their business’s practices. You can rely upon CBC Australia to help you with selecting the perfect Welding Industries of Australia product, for all your business needs.  


Our stocked and available Welding Industries of Australia products include: 

    • ARC electrodes 
    • hardfacing products 
    • solid and cored wires 
    • welding gloves 
    • welding helmets 
    • engine driven welders 
    • MIG, ARC and TIG welders 
    • multi-process welders 
    • plasma cutters.  


Welding Industries of Australia trusted by the best   

Welding Industries of Australia are a diversified company that manufactures and distributes a range of welding solutions. Welding Industries of Australia has over 50 years of experience and knowledge in the power transmission industry and is trusted by CBC Australia to provide reliable and premium products to their customers.  


Welding Industries of Australia has a mission to manufacture performance-driven products that deliver solutions to customers. They work alongside their customers to innovate and create precision-edge products, that are safe and reliable, making them a brand that CBC Australia trusts.  


Welding Industries of Australia’s values of integrity, safety, reliability, and premium quality are ones that CBC Australia proudly support.  


CBC Australia and Welding Industries of Australia – a reliable team  

CBC Australia aligns with the mission of Welding Industries of Australia. Both businesses value customer feedback, innovation, and work with a high level of integrity and passion.  


CBC Australia and Welding Industries of Australia are a team that customers can rely on to provide trusted solutions for all their needs. We understand your business, practices and processes, and are passionate about providing you with safe and reliable products.  


CBC Australia and Welding Industries of Australia – supporting you together  

CBC Australia and Welding Industries of Australia have extensive knowledge and experience in helping customers with their problems, every day of the year. CBC Australia and Welding Industries of Australia are unrivalled in their expert understandings of products and welding solutions. Our customers trust CBC Australia to help them and continue to come back to purchase reliable welding products from Welding Industries of Australia. 


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