Tridon Australia

Supplier Profile 

Name: Tridon Australia 

Head office location: Silverwater, New South Wales, Australia  

Revenue: $34 million 

Employees: 174 


CBC Australia has had a fruitful and enjoyable relationship with Tridon Australia since the 1970’s. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.  


Tridon Australia specialises in the distribution of quality products to the industrial, automotive and hardware markets. Their products include clamps, thermostats, relays, switches, and radiator caps. Tridon is well established in the industry with over 170 employees and revenues of around $34 million. They are a 100 percent Australian-owned and managed company, with branches and warehouse facilities in each capital city of Australia. Tridon is an internationally recognised brand and have exported to countries around the world, supplying both the original equipment and aftermarket sectors of the industry.  


CBC Australia knows quality when we see it, which is why we stock a wide variety of Tridon products. Tridon products are available at our local warehouses and at CBC branches across the nation. CBC Australia leads the industry with our distribution services, and you will not find such an extensive range of stocked products at any other bearing or power business in Australia.  


CBC has a vast range of Tridon products stocked and available. These products include: 

  • analysis equipment  
  • bearing fittings and removal tools  
  • bike service equipment  
  • cable ties and accessories  


Tridon Australia is manufacturing the future
Tridon Australia strongly values integrity, innovation, quality, and excellence. These are the values that have established Tridon as a large-scale, trusted brand and we are excited to work with them as they lead the industry in manufacturing industrial and automotive products.  


Tridon is already adopting modern technology in its operations to guarantee efficiency and success. For example, product delivery is tracked through a comprehensive computer system linked to their freight companies’ computers. As well as this, Tridon incorporates electronic communications technology (such as EDI and XML) to eliminate errors and streamline communications. Going forward, CBC Australia is confident that we can depend on Tridon to help us lead the future of the bearings industry.  


CBC Australia and Tridon Australia – growing together
Even the best in the business need to look for ways to grow and improve. At CBC Australia and Tridon, we continually endeavour to stay on top of the industry and formulate modern solutions to today’s problems. In areas where other brands may settle, Tridon is constantly working to improve product performance and develop new products and processes with their team of highly qualified engineers and technicians.  


CBC Australia and Tridon Australia – supporting you and your business 
CBC Australia and Tridon put our customers first. Tridon goes above and beyond to ensure that its products are produced at the highest quality to operate seamlessly and efficiently. CBC and Tridon are both committed to equipping our customers with the best service and products available, so you can trust us to supply you with the perfect tools. 


If you would like to know more about the Tridon products we have available, contact us today and our friendly staff will provide you with the best tools for your needs.

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