SP Tools

Supplier Profile 

Name: SP Tools 

Head office location: Acacia Ridge, Queensland, Australia 

Revenue:  Global revenues in excess of $100 million 

Employees: 150+ staff 


CBC Australia has been working with SP Tools for many years to deliver specialised equipment to our customers. Over the years, SP Tools has proved to be a valuable supplier and we are proud to continue working with them.  


Austech Industries is an Australian-owned manufacturer and distributor of trade and commercial grade professional equipment. Operating since 1987, they have decades of expertise in developing the best industrial equipment for a variety of needs.  


One of the brands that Austech Industries owns is SP Tools, which CBC Australia is proudly partnered with. SP Tools has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing professional equipment for almost 40 years. Their extensive range of products includes air tools, power tools, hand tools, auto specialty tools, garage equipment, and air compressors.  


CBC Australia distributes an extensive range of products from SP Tools catering to the needs of our customers. To ensure fast service, SP Tools products are stocked locally in warehouses and are available at 32 CBC branches across Australia. If we do not stock the product, you are looking for at your local CBC branch, we can source it from another location for you.  


CBC stocks an extensive variety of products from SP Tools, such as: 

    • air guns  
    • air nibblers  
    • air saws  
    • air tool lubricants  
    • angle grinders  
    • chisel attachments  
    • chisel guns  
    • chucks  
    • couplers  
    • cut off tools  
    • die grinders  
    • disc sanders  
    • gasket sanding kits  
    • gaskets discs 
    • hoses  
    • impact ratchet wrenches 1/2dr, 3/4dr, 1dr industrial and automotive 
    • impact wrenches  
    • needle scalers  
    • orbital sanders  
    • pistol drives 
    • retractable hoses  
    • riveters 
    • sanding pads  
    • screw guns  
    • 2hp to 10hp compressors – portable and stationary 
    • 3phase stationary compressors 
    • replacement compressor pumps and accessories   
    • trade and domestic electric compressors  
    • triple cast iron portable compressors 
    • v-twin cast iron portable compressors 
  • generators 
    • construction series generators 15hp up to 20hp  
    • industrial series generators 6.5hp up to 15hp 
    • inverter generators 1800w up to 3300w 
    • cordless powered hand tools  
    • cutters  
    • cutting and fastening 
    • hex and torx key sets  
    • hex and torx keys individual  
    • impact socket rails  
    • impact sockets kits 
    • individual impact sockets 
    • individual sockets 
    • individual spanners imperial and metric  
    • pliers  
    • screw drivers  
    • shifters  
    • socket kits  
    • socket rails  
    • spanner rolls imperial and metric  
    • spanner sets imperial and metric   
    • storage solutions  
    • striking tools – hammers  
    • tool kits  
    • toolboxes  
    • c-spanners  
    • diagnostic tools  
    • feeler gauges  
    • gasket removal tools  
    • inspection mirrors  
    • lighting and torches  
    • magnetic pickup tools 
    • measuring tools  
    • nut splitters  
    • shop vacuums  
  • pressure washers  
    • detergents  
    • electric domestic 1740psi – 6.5lpm up to 2320psi – 7.3lpm heavy duty  
    • fixed brushes  
    • hose kits  
    • patio and driveway cleaner  
    • petrol pressure washers 3600psi – 9.7lpm up to 4000psi – 23.4lpm 
    • primer kits  
    • rotary brushes  
    • water suction kits.  


SP Tools is manufactured for the professional
CBC Australia strives to uphold a professional standard of products and services for our customers. By partnering with SP Tools, we can be confident in the quality of the tools and equipment we distribute. SP Tools is made for professionals, by professionals. They ensure that their products are of the highest industry standard to deliver seamless results.  


CBC Australia and SP Tools – leading with research 
SP Tools is always working to stay ahead of new technologies and industry trends to deliver the most efficient tools on the market. The company is therefore rooted in research, development and innovation as they lead the country in manufacturing high-quality tools.   


CBC Australia and SP Tools – ready for your every need
CBC Australia and SP Tools understand that your equipment can significantly influence your work when it comes to efficiency of operations, the effort you must put in, and the quality of work you are able to produce. We are collaborating with SP Tools to provide our customers with the products they need to maximise convenience and efficiency on the job.  


At CBC Australia, our enthusiastic staff are ready to help you find the right SP Tools products for your needs. Visit us at your local branch or contact us  to find out more.

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