Peerless Products

Supplier Profile  

Name: Peerless Products 

Head office location: Long Gully, Victoria, Australia  

Revenue: US $5 million 

Employees: 25  


Peerless Products and CBC Australia have had an enduring working relationship. Both businesses have over 60 years of knowledge in the industrial sector and are aligned in their values to help solve customers’ problems.  


Peerless Products is an Australian business that manufactures a range of premium-quality air compressors, air tools and drilling machines. With an annual revenue of USD $5 million and a large employee base, Peerless Products provides CBC Australia customers with high-quality and reliable products.  


Peerless Products continues to expand and revolutionise its range, recently introducing a new range of screw compressors that use world-renowned German technology. Peerless Products’ continuous desire to improve and innovate their products ensures that they are safe and performance-driven and a brand that CBC Australia proudly distributes.  


CBC Australia stocks a wide variety of Peerless Products which can be purchased from their warehouses, local branches and online store. CBC Australia can access stock from other locations if the products you need are unavailable. This showcases CBC Australia’s commitment to ensuring customers are always satisfied.   


Our stocked and available Peerless Products include: 

    • dental air compressors 
    • direct drive compressors  
    • petrol and diesel  
    • rotary screw compressors  
    • single and three phase 
    • air hose and retractable reels  
    • compressor spare parts 
    • spray and blow guns 
    • bench drills 
    • pedestal drills. 


Peerless products keep you productive 

Peerless Products is a family-owned Australian business that services a range of industries with its high-performance products. They have over 60 years of expert knowledge and experience in the power transmission industry and continue to collaborate with leading international brands to innovate their products and range.  


Peerless Products has a mission to supply high-quality products to the Australian market, whilst ensuring premium customer service and a commitment to innovation. They provide an expert instruction manual with every purchase that provides directions on how customers can service their products, at a minimum cost. This displays Peerless Products’ loyalty to their customers and honest business practices.  


Peerless Products’ values are integrity, quality, excellence, improvement, and customer satisfaction. These values align with CBC Australia and have been the foundation for their loyal relationship.  


CBC Australia and Peerless Products – excellence and integrity  

The mission of Peerless Products and CBC Australia are closely aligned. Both companies are customer-focused, performance-driven and are passionate about helping to solve customers’ problems.  


CBC Australia and Peerless Products are united in their desire to help customers every day of the year. We understand your business and its needs and are proud to support the premium-quality and reliable equipment manufactured by Peerless Products.  


CBC Australia and Peerless Products – supporting you every day 

With over 60 years of experience in the power transmission industry, CBC Australia and Peerless Products representatives are experts in their field. Their experience and commitment to helping solve customers’ problems are unrivalled and they excel in supplying technical expertise for a variety of industries. Our customers enjoy working with us and they love buying Peerless Products from us.  


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