Supplier Profile 
Name: Maxisafe 
Head office location: 27 Richards Rd, Hoppers Crossing, Victoria, 3029, Australia
Revenue: $4 million 
Employees: 30


CBC is proud to partner with Techware. We have a committed and enduring relationship that is grounded in our shared goal of keeping Australian workers safe. CBC and Techware continue working together to supply the internationally certified Maxisafe product range. 


Founded in 2006, Techware, a safety products manufacturer, is widely recognised for its leading brand, MaxisafeMaxisafe manufactures, develops and distributes an extensive range of safety equipment that meets stringent industry requirements. Maxisafe’s products range from protective and functional eyewear to heavy-duty hand protection. Every Maxisafe product complies with relevant world safety codes, including those of Europe, America and Australia. 


Here, at CBC, we know the Maxisafe will keep you safe in the toughest of Australian industries. Our customers can find an extensive range of Maxisafe products on our website or at your local CBC branch. Our stocked and available Maxisafe products include:  


Maxisafe – a global leader 
Maxisafe is respected around the globe. This is because Maxisafe understands that today’s marketplace is continually evolving and has proven experience at keeping on top of all these changes. Through Techware’s leading brand, Maxisafe, this company provides our customers with products that are continually updated to meet relevant industry safety codes. Maxisafe’s strength comes from the fact that they are a global leader in personal safety equipment, which also has local market knowledge. This ensures that Maxisafe provides the highest quality safety products that are suited to our customers specific industry requirements.  


CBC and Maxisafe – we’ve got you covered 
CBC is proud to be on Maxisafe’s ‘Preferred Distributor’ network. We partner with Maxisafe to deliver our customers trusted personal safety equipment. Maxisafe’s products meet the needs of a wide variety of Australian industries, including food processing, construction, the chemical industry, manufacturing, industrial work, and mining. Maxisafe’s tried and proven protection solutions increase productivity while also improving our customers’ safety. Together, CBC and Maxisafe are committed to delivering the very best. We only offer safety supplies and products that we know you can truly rely on.  


CBC and Maxisafe – a trusted team 
Here, at CBC, we are proud to partner with a leading Australian brand. Both CBC and Maxisafe are committed to empowering our customers with the tools, products and knowledge they require to excel in their workplace. Our customers know they can always turn to Maxisafe for the best in personal safety equipment, no matter what industry they may work in.  


Techware’s primary priority is customer service, which includes Maxisafe’s guarantee that all their products are manufactured to meet the most stringent standards. This dedication to customer satisfaction is a value that we, at CBC, wholeheartedly support. 


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