Supplier Profile  

Name: INOX

Head office location: Loganholme, QLD, Australia  


CBC Australia have enjoyed a successful partnership with INOX over the past 27 years.  


INOX is one of Australia’s biggest manufacturers of lubricants. The products they manufacture cater to a wide range of applications. These applications include domestic duties, large scale mining and transport repairs, food and beverage functionality, and automotive maintenance. INOX distribute products across all major industrial, electrical, automotive, hardware, bearing and mining, marine, and fishing outlets. Now a global empire, INOX exports to 25 countries. These nations include the United States of America, Canada, France, South America, New Zealand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.  


All products are trialed and tested before they hit the market. INOX do their utmost to ensure the best quality. We are exceedingly proud to supply products from a company who delivers nothing short of excellence.  


Our stocked and available INOX products include: 

    • MX-6  
    • MX-8 extreme pressure grease 
    • MX-4G 
    • MX-7 
    • MX-12 
    • MX-9 
    • applicators 
    • spray bottles 
    • MX-3 penetrating lubricant 
    • MX-3FG 
    • MX-4 lanolin lubricant 
    • MX-5. 


INOX are engaged in climate action
INOX are mindful of performing in an environmentally responsible manner. They are a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) and predominately use biodegradable packaging. INOX are also striving to reduce their carbon footprint.  


CBC Australia and INOX – a perfect fit
CBC Australia and INOX are both committed to elevating Australian industry. INOX s source locally made ingredients, materials and packaging so they can give back to Australia – this is a process CBC Australia is proud to support.   


CBC Australia and INOX are a great team, providing solutions to customers in the real world. We understand your business, operations, and processes, and are committed to delivering excellent results. 


CBC Australia and INOX – serving you in the real world
CBC Australia and INOX representatives address real-world problems for Australian customers every day of the year. We are passionate about deploying our technical expertise for life-changing solutions. Our extremely high rate of customer retention is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our customers love dealing with us and buying INOX products from us. 


Contact us for all your INOX product needs. We are excited to fulfil all requests for INOX-branded products. 

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