Supplier Profile  

Name: Enpac Australia Pty Ltd 

Head office location: Eastlake, Ohio, United States of America  

Revenue: US $11 million 

Employees: Over 200  


CBC Australia and Enpac have a strong and supportive relationship, having begun working together several years ago.  


Enpac is the world’s leading manufacturer of plastic spill prevention, containment and control products for over 30 years. Enpac’s innovative and quality products have been tested in challenging environments, in every continent and climate zone on the planet, allowing CBC Australia to view them as reliable and trustworthy. Valuing safety and efficiency, Enpac is tackling the challenge of storing, handling and transporting hazardous material, making them a great choice for any CBC Australia customer.  


CBC Australia recognises the demand for Enpac products and stocks a wide variety in their warehouses, 32 local branches and online store. As Enpac products solve dangerous problems for CBC Australia customers, CBC ensures that if products are unavailable at your local branch they will source the required products from interstate or overseas, maintaining the safety of your business and workers. This stocking profile is rare within the power transmission industry as CBC Australia understands the importance of efficiency.  


Our stocked and available Enpac products include: 

  • spill kits  
  • storm water drain filters and protective socks  
  • white linen and mixed workshop rag assortments. 


Enpac protecting you and the environment 
Enpac is the world leader in manufacturing industry spill control and response equipment through its constant innovations and production of reliable products. Enpac has decades of knowledge and continues to manufacture superior products that defend workers and the environment against harmful pollutants and chemicals. CBC Australia customers can feel safe and protected when purchasing Enpac products. 


Enpac’s mission is to ensure the safety of workers and the protection of the environment from dangerous pollutants through their advanced technology and innovative products. Enpac aims to maintain workplace efficiency, as they recognise the time and cost spills and accidents incur, helping to support productivity.  


Enpac values protection, performance, reliability, quality, and sustainability, which we at CBC Australia are proud to support.  


CBC and Enpac – a unified team
CBC Australia and Enpac are closely aligned with their mission and vision for ensuring safety for both the customer, workplace and environment. Both companies value their customers, and are results-driven and passion-led, ensuring customers have access to reliable and high-quality products.  


CBC Australia and Enpac value teamwork and collaboration, working together to ensure customer satisfaction and safety. We understand that accidents occur in the workplace and how important it is that you, your team and the environment is protected, which is why CBC Australia are glad to distribute high-quality Enpac products.  


CBC and Enpac – ensuring your safety
CBC Australia and Enpac representatives are experts in their fields, focusing on finding compliant solutions that avoid disrupting workplace operations. Enpac and CBC Australia have a grateful and loyal client base, with customers enjoying the reliability and trustworthiness of Enpac’s products. Customers enjoy working with CBC Australia and love purchasing Enpac products.  


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