Supplier Profile  

Name: Dy-Mark

Head office location: Darra, Queensland, Australia  

Revenue: US $23 million 

Employees: 106 


CBC Australia and Dy-Mark are connected through their Australian heritage and desire to distribute high-quality products to customers. Working together for over two years, they are united in their mission and values.  


Dy-Mark has over 60 years of experience in the distribution of premium-quality aerosol paint technology. Beginning as a small start-up business in 1964, Dy-Mark now generates an annual revenue of over USD $23 million and has an extensive global employee base made up of experts in their field.  


Dy-Mark is an innovative and progressive business, striving to expand its range and aerosol paint technology. They service a diverse range of industries from the agricultural sector to the defense and mining industry, showcasing their products are flexible and solutions based. With a commitment to collaboration, Dy-Mark manufactures its products with industry professionals ensuring their products are reliable and effective 


With a growing demand for Dy-Mark products internationally, CBC Australia is proud to distribute Dy-Mark products to customers. CBC Australia is committed to distributing Dy-Mark Australia products and can source items from interstate stores or international suppliers when required. CBC Australia trusts Dy-Mark‘s reliable and high-quality products and recommends them to clients to help solve their problems.  


Dy-Mark products that are stocked in CBC Australia branches include: 

  • ancillary products and spares 


Dy-Mark progressing the industry forward 
Dy-Mark is the leading manufacturer of aerosol paints and has an expanding international demand for products. Dy-Mark ensures that their products are safe, reliable and effective, as they serve a diverse range of important industries in which high-performance is paramount. With collaboration a key initiative within Dy-Mark, this has resulted in their products being manufactured fit-for-purpose ensuring precision-edge products for all of CBC Australia’s customers’ needs.  


Dy-Mark has the rare capability to manufacture their products on-site, allowing them to customise their products for individual customer’s needs. This ensures consistent high-quality products as their stringent in-house testing ensures precision aerosol products, every time.  


Dy-Mark Australia commits to manufacturing premium-quality and reliable products that are robust and maintain their performance in the harshest of conditions. This makes Dy-Mark a brand that we at CBC Australia are proud to recommend.  


CBC Australia and Dy-Mark – a strong team 
CBC Australia and Dy-Mark are a unified team that supports innovation and progression in all areas of the power transmission industry. Both businesses operate with integrity and honesty with customer satisfaction at the forefront of their practices.  


CBC Australia and Dy-Markare passionate about working together to help solve customers’ problems. With over 60 years of experience in the industry, both companies understand the need for businesses to have reliable and safe products.  


CBC Australia and Dy-Mark go above and beyond 
CBC Australia and Dy-Mark recognise that finding reliable and premium-quality products, that hold up in tough conditions is difficult. Therefore, Dy-Mark began producing performance-driven products that can help solve your business’s problems. CBC Australia customers love purchasing Dy-Mark Australia products as they can rely on them to maintain productivity in their business.  


Contact us for all your Dy-Mark product needs. We are ready and able to fulfil all requests for Dy-Mark-branded products. 

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