Dow Performance Materials

Supplier Profile  

Name: Dow Performance Materials

Head office location: Midland, Michigan, Unites State of America  

Revenue: US $43 billion 

Employees: 36,500 


Dow Performance Materials and CBC Australia have a strong and resilient relationship that has been forged through our working partnership. Dow Performance Materials have technical expertise in solving design, systems assembly, safety, mobility, processing, and performance issues. With an annual revenue of USD $43 billion and a global employee base of over 36,500, CBC Australia trusts Dow Performance Materials products.  


Dow Performance Materials are the leaders in the materials science industry, consistently improving and innovating their range of products. Dow Performance collaborates with a diverse range of industries such as transportation, consumer goods, aerospace, industrial, and energy, to identify challenges and produce solutions. CBC Australia trusts Dow Performance Materials to manufacture and distribute safe and reliable products to their customers.  


Dow Performance Materials products can be purchased from CBC Australia’s warehouses and branches. CBC Australia can help you find the best Dow Performance Materials products for your business.  


Our stocked and available Dow Performance Materials products include:


Dow Performance Materials innovating the industry  

Dow Performance Materials are a global brand that relentlessly innovates and expands the material science space to find solutions for the most complex problems. With over 125 years of knowledge, Dow Performance Materials are committed to helping customers through manufacturing premium-quality and performance-driven products. CBC Australia is proud to distribute Dow Performance Materials cutting-edge technology.  


Dow Performance Materials have a mission to manufacture products that help solve industry problems, whilst protecting the environment. Their respect for their workers, customers and the planet is reflected through their safe and reliable products.  


Dow Performance Materials’ values of innovation, sustainability, inclusivity, and customer service, reflect their vision to become leaders in their industry. We at CBC Australia are glad to support and distribute reliable products from Dow Performance Materials.  


CBC Australia and Dow Performance Materials – an ambitious team  

CBC Australia and Dow Performance Materials have similar goals to continue to innovate and advance the power transmission industry. Both businesses are customer-centric, goal-oriented and value sustainability and performance, operating with a high degree of honesty and passion.  


CBC Australia and Dow Performance Materials’ values of teamwork and collaboration provide the foundation for their unified and robust relationship. With inclusivity at the forefront of both businesses’ practices, CBC Australia and Dow Performance Materials recognise the challenges your company faces and can provide reliable solutions, every day.  


CBC Australia and Dow Performance Materials – solving your problems  

CBC Australia and Dow Performance Materials value their customers and are passionate about solving their problems. Together, we have extensive knowledge and expertise in customer solutions, and a drive to help you and your business’s productivity. 


Contact us for all your Dow Performance Materials product needs. We are ready and able to fulfil all requests for Dow Performance Materials-branded products. 

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