Supercharge paper and board production with NTN

Supercharge paper and board production with NTN

The paper and board industry necessitates robust bearings that can endure the demanding conditions of the production process. Enter NTN‘s ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings, engineered to make a lasting impact in this industry.

Standard bearings may exhibit a shorter service life, lower load capacity, and struggle in harsh operating conditions. However, Tony Tormey, Category Manager of Industrial Bearings at Motion, highlights the numerous advantages of NTN’s alternative.

Tony emphasises that ULTAGE® bearings offer up to 25% longer design life compared to other brands, delivering significant benefits to companies within the industry.

Moreover, he points out that NTN ULTAGE® spherical roller bearings feature larger rollers and possess the highest load capacity in the industry. This makes them an exceptional choice for applications requiring outstanding load-bearing capacity and extended service life.

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