COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

The Inenco Group of businesses, which incorporates CBC, completely supports all COVID-19 Public Health Orders and Restrictions on Gathering and Movement declared by the National Cabinet and State Governments.

Our number one priority is health and safety of our employees and commitment to our communities to assist to keep the community and people safe by taking all measures to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

During this unprecedented time, it has also become increasingly clear that our services are more essential than ever to our communities at this time.

We have been identified as a critical supplier to the viability of their operations and requesting the continuation of our services in support of their businesses. These customers operate in areas of critical infrastructure including health and pharmaceutical sector, transport and logistics, food production and processing, defence, energy, power and fuel, water, waste management and mining.

As a critical supplier to these essential services, our group of businesses is required to continue supplying products and services.

Despite the pandemic we are facing in Australia, our staff at CBC are committed to continuing providing customers with a pleasant experience both in-store and online.

You can still shop online, all day, every day. We are committed to ensuring your shopping experience at CBC is easier and safer than ever before.

We will do our best to ensure orders are fulfilled on time and notify our customers of any potential delays.

On behalf of everyone at CBC, we extend a heartfelt thanks to those working in the medical, emergency and essential services. We are incredibly grateful for your dedication and support to our community.