Bringing superheroes to the world of mining

Bringing superheroes to the world of mining

Mackay-based engineering and fabrication company, Mainetec (formerly Innovative Mining & Engineering Solutions) was established in 2010 with a vision to bring innovation to the design of mining equipment.

Ten years into that journey, Mainetec has remained loyal to its philosophy by introducing a range of innovative solutions to the mining industry – including the iTrip door latching system, Terminator® Hammerless GET System, and more recently, the Hulk® Excavator bucket range.

The launch of the Hulk Excavator bucket range in October last year culminated nearly three years of testing and design improvements by the Mainetec engineering team. The Hulk Excavator’s linerlessTM design means the bucket can carry more payload with less weight.

Mainetec has since delivered multiple units of the Hulk Excavator bucket to mining clients in Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland and by the end of 2020, the company will have a fully operational workshop set up in Perth to manufacture and support its products in WA.

Simultaneously, Mainetec is also focusing on growing its global presence. In 2019, Mainetec’s team travelled to Mongolia to oversee the successful installation of its innovative iTrip shovel bucket latching system.

Mainetec has embraced technology with the development and implementation of the Mainetrack safety and asset monitoring app.

Vicky Bowden, Mainetec Chief Financial Officer, believes the strength and vision of the Mainetec engineering team is what has driven the company’s rapid growth in just ten years.

“Our team is fanatical about product quality. They do everything to improve the clients’ safety and efficiency. We are not afraid to take a calculated risk on a new product where we can see the longer-term benefits that it offers our clients,” she says.

CBC Mackay has been supporting the Mainetec team with their bearing requirements, including the supply of Schaeffler FAG bearings.

“We appreciate the quality of products and services that CBC brings to Mainetec’s business,” says Vicky. “Mainetec has worked hard over the last ten years to build a brand that is focused on quality and great customer service and delivers on its promises.  We don’t just make claims we prove them – through effective monitoring and data collection on the products and services we sell.”