Supplier Profile 
Name: CRC Industries 
Head office location: Pennsylvania, United States 
Revenue: USD $115 Million
Employees: 300 

CBC Australia and CRC have maintained a committed and enduring working relationship. They have been working together for 28 years and continue to support the development of each other’s business and customer needs.  

CRC Industries is an internationally recognised supplier of quality aerosol and bulk lubricants, anti-corrosion, and maintenance products. They have an annual revenue of USD $115 million and a large global reach with 300 employees worldwide. CRC Industries onsite manufacturing allows them to control all production processes, ensuring a consistent and high-quality product.  

CRC Industries continues to revolutionise and develop new and improved products. This has led them to receive ISO9001:2015 certification, ensuring CBC customers can rely upon the quality and value of their products  

A variety of CRC Industries products are stocked in CBC Australia’s warehouses and branches. Our stocked and available CRC Industries products include:  

  • appearance products  
  • cleaners  
  • corrosion inhibitors  
  • cutting fluids  
  • degreasers 
  • food grade products  
  • lubricant, penetrants and oils 
  • paints and coatings. 

CRC Industries keeps you moving 
CRC Industries is a diverse business with onsite manufacturing ensuring highquality products. CRC is a leader in product performance and regulatory compliance, and they pride themselves on surpassing the highest safety and environment standards.  

CRC Industries mission is to continue to develop, innovate and advance their products. They serve multiple markets such as automotive, industrial, electrical, marine, hardware, and aviation, ensuring that they have a product for you and your needs.  

CRC Industries values reliability and performance, reflected through their strict product testing and lot sampling, guaranteeing consistent quality for customers worldwideCRC Industries high standards for their own products ensures that customers remain satisfied, which we at CBC Australia support.  

CBC Australia and CRC Industries – a well-oiled machine 
CBC Australia and CRC Industries working relationship is maintained through their similar values and beliefs that products should be reliable, efficient and high-quality. CBC Australia trusts CRC Industries products and recommends them for all your maintenance needs.   

CBC Australia and CRC Industries are aligned in their vision for creating and distributing customer-focused solutions, that are reliable and effective. We recognise the need for your business to maintain performance and productivity and remain committed to providing the best products to you.  

CBC Australia and CRC Industries – supporting you and your business 
CBC Australia and CRC Industries are dynamic and passion-led as they work hard to support your business’s efficiency. CRC Industries consistent innovations and advancements in industry knowledge ensures that their ability to solve customers’ problems is unparalleled. Our customers trust our reliability and feel safe knowing they are purchasing a CRC Industries product from CBC Australia.   

Contact us today for all your CRC Industries product needs – we are here to help. 

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