Supplier Profile 

Name: ABB

Head office location: Zürich, Switzerland 

Revenue: USD $27.978 billion 

Employees: Over 110,000 


The future of electrical engineered solutions is bright following CBC Australia’s partnership with ABB. CBC Australia and ABB began working together around 10 years ago and have since collaborated on numerous innovative and successful projects. 


ABB Ltd is a multinational automation corporation based in Zürich, Switzerland with revenues of over USD $27 billion. As a global Fortune 500 company for over two decades, ABB is leading the world in robotics, power, electrification, and automation technology. By pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, ABB is committed to transforming society and industry to create a more productive and sustainable future.  


ABB was formed in 1988 with the merging of ASEA and BBC, two renowned electrical engineering companies founded in the late nineteenth century. With a strong history in power and automation, the company has been revolutionising the industry for over 130 years. The ABB Group’s global presence is supported by over 110,000 employees. This includes an extensive Australian-wide network with 1,100 employees in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne.  


CBC Australia works with the best in the business, and ABB delivers nothing short of the highest quality electrical equipment, robotics and automation technology. We distribute an extensive range of ABB equipment and systems to our customers to ensure they receive quality materials from a trusted and experienced supplier.  


CBC Australia has a wide selection of ABB supplies in stock, including:  


ABB is committed to sustainability 
Like CBC Australia, ABB understands that it is up to corporations to help lead the world in combating climate change, which is why the company embeds sustainability in everything they do. Notably, ABB is a strong advocate for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and contributes to the cause through responsible business practices and innovative technology. ABB is committed to reducing emissions and preserving resources, not only through their own business operations, but also by helping their customers, suppliers and the communities they serve do the same.   


CBC Australia is proud to support ABB’s effort in creating a sustainable, prosperous world for future generations.  


CBC Australia and ABB – leaders of innovation 
Both CBC Australia and ABB strongly value innovation in the bearings, power and engineering industry. Our companies are equipped with qualified personnel and technicians who use their expertise to provide our customers with leading technology and equipment.  


Over its long history, ABB has invented and pioneered a range of power and automation technologies while retaining market leadership in these areas for decades. ABB has had a global impact with their innovative technologies such as extended automation systems, smart sensor solutions and variable speed drives. 

CBC Australia and ABB – putting you first
CBC Australia is proud to partner with ABB because we are both committed to serving our customers to the best of our ability. Our customers are at the heart of what we do and working with ABB helps us ensure that our customers are being provided the best technology and equipment for their needs. CBC Australia cares about our customers, and we trust that ABB guarantees customer safety and satisfaction with their supplies.  


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